5 star review  I am ever grateful for Jill, Kathy and Peter who led me on this incredible journey. As a yoga teacher and in my late 60’s I thought I led a pretty healthy lifestyle. Three years ago I started having “gut” issues. My gastroenterologist diagnosis was IBS-C. Every morning I would wake nauseated, bloated, stomach cramps and low energy. I pushed myself to get through the day. The medication I was on relieved the C (constipation) part of IBS, but listed the other side effects that effected my lifestyle. I signed up for the retreat and advised my doctor I was going off the medication 2 weeks before and during the retreat. He approved with taking Gas-X tablets and Miralax twice a day. The day of the retreat I decided to skip all meds and just see how this goes. By the 2nd day I started to notice a change and by the last day of the retreat I was sure I was cured of my IBS-C with more energy than I have felt in years. (I am so excited to share this news with my doctor this week.) There are no words to describe the presentation of this retreat in my vocabulary! The knowledge and affirmation of this lifestyle is something Jill, Kathy and Peter share and live each day. Their enthusiasm and passion is in everything they do and say. The food was so delicious and presented with a magazine photo worthy way that made eating so enjoyable! The walks along the beach and to the lighthouse with my new group of friends is something I will always treasure. And the sunsets...pictures I posted on Facebook look like a postcard and brought such serenity to the end of our day. So, if you are looking for a beautiful setting, a fun new approach to eating healthy and learning about Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle plus seeing a better version of yourself don’t hesitate! You owe it to yourself to experience it all!

thumb Judi Underhill
July 9, 2021

5 star review  The one week vegan beach wellness retreat is a life-changing experience. I felt very pampered yet extremely empowered with all the skills to make easy WFPB meals & desserts for daily routines. The staff - Jill, Kathy, Peter are extremely knowledgeable, warm, down to earth, and resourceful. Enjoyed the walking, forest bathing, cooking classes, guest lectures, and resources. Will definitely do it again & highly recommend it to all those who want to optimize their health.

thumb Dr. Madhuri Pydisetty
June 9, 2021

5 star review  I had a wonderful life-changing experience at Plant Life Journey and look forward to visiting again soon.

thumb Sarah Shirley
June 9, 2021